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Long Service Awards
Long Service Awards recognise diligent and long service of VICSES members, for every five years of active service completed, from the date they joined VICSES.


a) Diligent service: The service given by the member has been conscientious and of good standard and in the performance of the service the person showed good conduct as a member of the organisation. 

b) Active service:  Volunteers: must meet the 60% minimum training requirement as stated in the VICSES Regulations.  Staff: excludes any periods of absence from duty on leave without pay and is calculated by accumulating full-time equivalent years 

c) Service must only have been with Victoria SES and can include service provided in the Victorian Civil Defence for eligible members Application

AWARD RECIPENTS                                                                 

ACTIVE MEMBERS                                            

YOUNES ALY                    01/11/2007

SHANE LAPWORTH          01/11/2007   

MAGENTA CREED            03/08/2008  

JENNIFER SCHEMBRI       18/10/2008               

 CHARLES AZZORPARDI  22/11/2010              

 OMAR SAYEGH                  14/07/2012

SHANE TAYLOR                 14/07/2012

CONNIE LAPWORTH         14/07/2012         

CHRIS GREGORY              14/07/2012

GUILLO MASSIMO             14/07/2012

ERIC BETTS                         14/07/2012

RIC MORETTI                      03/08/2013

GEOFFERY ASHBY            05/08/2013              

GLENN PALMER                 05/08/2013

ROBERT RATCLIFFE          05/08/2013

GEORGE THEODOROU        17/11/2014 

EDWARD AYE DARKO        08/07/2015

KEN MUNDIE                       23/07/2016               



BRETT DRMMOND      26/02/2000

PETER MURPHY          26/09/2000


GEORGE  MITCHELL  18/08/2003

WESLEY TENNANT     18/10/2009

ANTHONY  COOK        17/11/2009

DEONNE GREGORY    14/07/2012