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National Emergency Medal - front



The National Emergency Medal is an operational service medal which recognises significant or sustained service to others in a nationally significant emergency, for example, the bushfires in Victoria in 2009 and the floods and cyclone in Queensland in 2010 and 2011. 

About the award

The National Emergency Medal was established by Her Majesty The Queen by Letters Patent and National Emergency Medal Regulations 2011, approved by The Queen on her visit to Australia in October 2011.

The National Emergency Medal is awarded to members of identified organisations or individuals who rendered a minimum duration of service during specified dates in specified places in response to nationally significant emergencies within Australia (sustained service); or to persons who rendered extraordinary service in response to such emergencies (significant service), that did not satisfy the minimum duration of service required to constitute sustained service.



ACTIVE MEMBERS                                                    

YOUNES ALY                 03/08/2013                             

JENNIFER SCHEMBRI          03/08/2013

SHANE LAPWORTH      03/08/2013

TIMONTHY LEDGER      05/08/2013

CHRIS GREGORY    05/08/2013



ANTHONY COOK    03/08/2013