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National Medal


The National Medal was established in 1975 as one of the first three elements of the Australian honours system.

When the medal was first introduced it recognised 15 years of diligent service by members of the Australian Defence Force, Australian police forces, and fire and ambulance services.

In 1982, eligibility changed. The Defence Force Service Awards were introduced recognising long service in the Australian Defence Force. Eligibility for the National Medal progressively expanded to include people who had participated in part-time and volunteer service, members of the Australian Protective Service and correctional and emergency services.

In 1997 the government commissioned a review of the National Medal. Two significant features were added:

The new regulations were formally introduced on 18 June 1999 by Letters Patent.





Active Members


WILLIAM CREED           01/03/2004   

TIMONTHY LEDGER     13/11/2011              




Past Members


JOHN GRAY                       16/02/1999                                                                       

RAYMONT LORIOT          16/02/1999