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If you want to volunteer but you're not aged 18, you can still join as a youth member.

Junior Member.jpgYou must be aged 18 or more to undertake operational roles, however if you're aged 15-18, you can join as a junior member and still receive nationally-accredited training.

Youth members may be exposed to a number of training scenarios and receive nationally-accredited training in General Rescue, First Aid and Occupational Health and Safety. You'll also learn skills relating to flood response, storm response and community education.

Training areas

General Rescue

Kinglake volunteers receiving training in using equipmentGeneral rescue training provides VICSES members with the  basic skills that they require, including

First Aid

First Aid training will provide you with the knowledge and skills to manage accidents and medical emergencies involving sick and injured people, by providing initial first aid until medical help arrives.

Workplace Health and Safety

Training  in Workplace Health and Safety provides individuals skills and the ability to: